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          Analysis of common faults and causes of electric vehicle controller
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          The electric car controller is one of the many small but important parts of an electric car. Although the electric vehicle controller does not look attractive, but the electric vehicle start, advance and retreat, stop all depends on it. Therefore, if the electric vehicle controller fails, it will affect the normal use of electric vehicles. So what are some of the reasons why electric vehicle controllers fail? Xuzhou keya electromechanical co., ltd. analyzed and summarized the common faults and reasons of electric vehicle controller as follows:

          1. Power device damage

          The causes of the fault are: motor damage caused by; The power of the poor quality of the device itself or the selection of grades caused by insufficient; Device installation or vibration caused by loose; Motor overload caused; Power device drive circuit damage or unreasonable parameter design caused.

          2. Internal power supply of the controller is damaged

          The causes of the fault are: the controller internal circuit short circuit; Short circuit of peripheral control unit; The external lead shorted out.

          3. The controller works intermittently

          The causes of the fault are: the device itself in the high temperature or low temperature environment parameter drift; The high power consumption in the overall design of the controller leads to the high local temperature of some devices and the device itself enters the protection state. Poor contact.

          4. Loss of control signal caused by wear of connection wire and defective or falling off connector

          The causes of the fault include: unreasonable choice of wire; Incomplete protection of wire; The connector is not tightly pressed.

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